Mike using a chainsaw to cut up some branches
Carly notching a tree to cut it down with a chainsaw

Welcome to Chainsaw Pal

We’re Mike & Carly, two chainsaw enthusiasts, here to be your pals & friends when it comes to chainsaws, and hopefully able to help inform & provide tips on a variety of chainsaw topics;

  • Chainsaw & Related Equipment
  • Chainsaw Maintenance
  • Chainsaw Safety Clothes & Equipment
  • Types of Chainsaws
  • and more.

Chainsaws can be dangerous tools when used incorrectly – we try to find & research information from a variety of sources to bring you helpful information to make your chainsawing experience just that little bit more safer & enjoyable.

Our Values at Chainsaw Pal

We are dedicated to helping you enjoy getting into the outdoors – whether that be just in the backyard, out camping, on the farm, at work, or more, using your chainsaw and having fun while you’re at it.

We’re not experts at chainsaws, but we try our best to pass on tips, create informative guides, and share knowledge that’s out there for everyone to enjoy & learn from.

Stihl Chainsaw bar with quick-chain tensioning system