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Welcome to our chainsaw site, which we hope to turn into your one-stop shop for all things chainsaw-related!

We hope to have you covered whether you’re a homeowner wishing to take on some DIY projects, a skilled arborist, or an experienced logger.

In order to maximise the efficiency and safety of your chainsaw, we want to arm you with a plethora of great information, tips, and practical guidance.

We’re so happy you’re here and encourage you to explore the resources available on our website, watch some of the videos we’ve linked, and dive deep into the world of chainsaws.

We’d love out site to be your top choice for information, whether you’re a novice looking for advice or a seasoned pro trying to keep up with the latest info and developments. Join me as we set out on this chainsaw adventure!

Chain on a Chainsaw which looks sharp

Our approach to helping you

Stihl Gas Chainsaw sitting on top of a pile of split wood

Our website is developed as part of our own ongoing learning experience, aimed at providing a tool for chainsaw users, and sharing expert information we’ve found in our journey. As we continue to hone our chainsaw skills, we love seeing and sharing our experiences and advice to others, so we can all enjoy and learn together.

ChainsawPal provides & shares a variety of resources, tips, and information we’ve found and has helped based on our experiences, in an effort to help chainsaw users.

We are mindful of the challenges that chainsaw users, particularly beginners, face, and try to include informative guides and videos that go over important topics including choosing the right chainsaw, safety, cutting practices, and maintenance advice. By incorporating this knowledge, we empower individuals to make well-informed decisions, improve their safety, and enhance their chainsaw abilities.

Latest article

  • The long, flat part that sticks out from the chainsaw’s body and guides the chain while in use is called a chainsaw bar. For a chainsaw to be used comfortably and safely, picking the right bar length is essential. The easiest way to measure what bar you have on your chainsaw, is to check on […]

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